About Us

Established in 1921, Lanyons has grown to become Rhondda’s leading and trusted, independent Estate Agents with over 90 years of proven results. Our length of service and our understanding of our industry allows us to provide personalised, clear and considered advice on selling your property. No other Agent can rival our breadth of knowledge or experience across all property sectors.

Our Services cover:

  • Free up to date valuations for sale purposes
  • Professional Valuations (Probate, Matrimonial etc)
  • RICS Surveys, Home Buyers Surveys & Condition Reports
  • Commercial & Land Valuations
  • Lettings Valuation & Lettings Services
  • New Developments
  • Energy Performance Certificates
  • 100% Accompanied Viewings
  • Proactive support in search of homes
  • Professional, Experienced, knowledgeable & friendly staff
  • Independent Financial Services

At Lanyons, we understand whether you are selling, buying, or renting a home, the process can be overwhelming, but we are here to support you on your journey. We aim to make the transaction as stress free and straight forward as possible. We are extremely proactive and pride ourselves on our professional but modern approach to selling houses. We always aim to provide a quality service, with our professional integrity at the heart of our practices, and our smart thinking usually produces outstanding results.

Whilst we live in a day and age of modern technology and the internet, our philosophy is to connect with our clients face to face wherever possible. Anyone can list a property on the internet for a low fee, where your home simply becomes a number; it takes more than that to be your Estate Agent. Here at Lanyons, we are a dedicated Team of passionate, property professionals’ Working for You, Selling your Home.

Unlike Online Agents who charge their clients a fee, which often means they are paid regardless of whether they sell or not, we work on a 100% commission. We invest our money in order to sell your property, there are no “hidden fees”, and we only earn our commission agreed by you at the outset, once we have successfully introduced a buyer to your home, and completed on your sale. If we do not sell your property, we lose our money invested in the marketing of your home without any cost to you. The risk is all ours and this is our motivation to ensure we sell your home quickly, and efficiently.

As a Company we are tremendously proud of all we have achieved over the many years we have been serving the Rhondda, and as we continue to move forward and grow we remain grateful for all the support of our clients past and present. Our business philosophy is aimed squarely at being number one through excellence.